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Followup to credit card compromise.
Since I posted about my debit card compromise, things have progressed.

I now have a new debit card. The artwork on the card has changed. My old card had a custom-designed painting reflecting the community my credit union served. It was topical, colorful, and incredibly hard to read the card number. The new card has a background of the CU's logo in shades of purple, with a foreground of the CU's name in white, logo in orange and white, and slogan ("Where Good Things Happen") in orange, with the embossed number, name, and expiration in gold. Very clean and readable, but less kitchy than the old.

I just found the fraudulent charges credited back to my account, so I have the money back again.

It's good.

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Woot, and now you can read the card. BOA had the debit card and the credit card look too much alike which did not work that well either.

My CU's credit and debit cards have looked different -- and I don't have a credit card -- so I've never run into confusion there. But it's fairly common for cashiers to have to type in the last four digits of the number, and for me to have to type in the whole number when doing an internet purchase. The illegibility of the number was a problem for everyone who had to read it off the card. One time I even resorted to getting a pencil and paper and taking a rubbing to get a legible number.

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