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Home again, home again, lickety split.
We are home from our trip to PA, and the cats are asking for attention.

It's tax-time... I just filed my Federal taxes ($20, TurboTax), and should be getting my larger-than-expected refund around the 11th of February. It was larger than expected because when I estimated my refund earlier, I hadn't accounted for the student loan interest deduction, and (2) I did not know about the Make America Work tax credit. I suppose I should look for an American-made flat-panel TV to spend that $400 tax credit on, but I don't think such a thing exists these days. While Intuit clearly stated that the cost was $20 for Federal, State returns extra, I was not expecting the State return filing fee to be $37, or nearly twice the Federal. As my refund is due to be handed over to pay a defaulted state-guaranteed student loan, I am not in a hurry to get it filed. I am perfectly capable of filling out the State form myself and sending it in.

Friday is more taxes, but unfortunately in the opposite direction: I'm going to the City Chamberlain and giving them the first installment (of 2) for the City and County taxes. The money has been saved for it. Friday is just a good day to do it.

Between the vet bill on Friday and the cost of the trip, I'm out of cash until Friday, so I'm just going to sleep in tomorrow.

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Just do your own state form. 2/3 of it comes off of the IRS one anyway, plus I don't think you itemize or have two states income.

As I said, "I am perfectly capable of filling out the State form myself and sending it in."

I only have income in one state, and my itemizable deductions (including State tax paid) are not large enough to itemize instead of taking the standard Federal deduction.

Ok let me put it differently: "FUCK INTUIT, FUCK THEIR NYS FORM, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK?"

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