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Wolfie has passed on.
Skitten and I are out of town, visiting friends. Our cat-sitter informed us that when he stopped by this afternoon to feed the cats, Wolfie was dead.

When it makes sense for us to do so, in terms of finances and scheduling, we will be getting a pair of kittens.

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At least it wasn't a long sickness.


i grieve with thee...

there will be new friends to meet Wolfie in Bast's Eternal Catnip Fields in the Summerland...

She said it better than I could

Beloved pets are people, just as much as the two-footed in a household. And see my reply to anarchist_nomad, below.

:-( I'm very, very sorry to hear of your loss. Peace to you both.

I'm sorry to hear it, Bu, but glad you're thinking towards new life.

My heart goes out to you and Skitten. At least Wolfie has had a good and loving life with the two of you.

(Deleted comment)
Since our Loki died very suddenly (almost three years ago now!), R. has adamantly refused to even consider another cat. A. actually wanted to take us to a shelter to pick out "a Yule gift that meows", but R. is still not ready. Since it's really not a good idea financially yet either, I can't argue... but...

Oh no! I'm sorry. :( I'm glad you'll be getting new kitties at some point.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am sorry about Wolfie.

I am sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss of your furry friend.
I cannot remember what you had named the two cats that I gave to you that I rescued from the pit bull murder guy. Was Wolfie one of them?

When I met skitten, she had four cats: a 4-year-old sibling pair named Trixie and Wolfie, and a 1-year-old sibling pair named Pixel and Jazzmine You gave us Tiger and Willow. Pixel and Trixie passed away within a few months of each other from unknown causes. Willow passed away about 18 months ago. Wolfie passed away this weekend.

We have Jazzmine and Tiger left. Both appear to be very healthy.

(Deleted comment)
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