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Report from the vet...
I took the cats into the vet today for annual shots and checkup. We were also specifically concerned about the state of Wolfie, our teenaged grey cat. I mentioned her state in a previous LJ posting.

Tiger, our oldest, got a rabies vaccine and blood drawn to monitor his thyroid levels. He's doing fine.

Jazzmine, our youngest (at 12), is a big healthy cat, weighing in at 15lb. She has had a heart murmur for years, but it doesn't seem to be bothering her. She didn't like the trip to the vet. She got a rabies vaccine an a distemper vaccine.

Wolfie... She is emaciated and hasn't been eating much despite food being available. Worse, her abdomen is full at fluid, making it hard to palpate her internal organs. It is also potentially making it more difficult to breathe. The fluid in the abdomen is bad, but the cause is, as yet, unknown. While the vet did not feel any tumors, she couldn't rule them out. She said more diagnostic work is needed to determine the cause, but there's a 50% chance that they'll find something treatable, and a good chance that if they can treat it, it won't be successful. The diagnostic work is out of my budget for this week (and Skitten wasn't with me at the vet), so I said I'd talk it over with Skitten and make an appointment to bring her back in a couple of weeks to further discuss our options. The vet said Wolfie isn't in pain, but doesn't feel well, and probably hasn't for a while. Her decline is slow now, and will likely be slow for a while, but will eventually take sharp turn for the worse, at which point it'll be too late.

In the mean time, we are encouraged to feed Wolfie high energy foods -- heavy cream and cheese if she can tolerate dairy, wet food, etc -- to help her keep her weight on.

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(minor quibble)

Palpitate - to beat rapidly or irregularly.

Palpate - part of a physical exam where the physician/veterinarian feels internal organs with their hands from the outside (i.e. no surgery involved)

I can't keep "palpate" in mind, hence my eternal confusion. Will fix.

may Bast bless all of you, two-footed and four-footed...

Prayers and good thoughts on the way.

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