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My employer is violating a condition of my employment...
When I was interviewed for my current job, I was told that wearing a suit was not part of, nay, against, company culture. I didn't wear a suit to the second interview, and I'm not sure if I've worn one in any capacity since.

Thursday (technically today, but I haven't slept yet so it's tomorrow) there is a mandatory company meeting. The details sound nice: it's at The Statler -- the hotel/conference center/catering operation run by the Cornell School of Hotel Administration -- one of the nicer, if not the nicest, conference center in town. Dinner will be provided (and the food at the Statler is excellent, in my experience), as is valet parking.

The dress is "business professional", which means suit and/or tie, nice shoes, etc. My immediate boss went and got a definition for us,

My "business professional" attire has atrophied in the past 4 years. I have two pairs of dress shoes, both now too small for me. I can't find my dress socks. My ties have been damaged and discarded. I have bought two suits over the years; at least one was visibly damaged by moths and is no longer in my possession. The other I can find the jacket for, but not the matching pants. I do have a pair of professional slacks, but they are brown while the jacket is charcoal. I have one decent shirt proper for such an outfit. "Decent" in this case means well-fitting (especially at the collar; I have a big neck), unstained, and business-like. It is, unfortunately, missing a couple of buttons, but it doesn't appear to be a problem.

I will bring to work tomorrow a suit-bag with my black shirt, my charcoal jacket, and my brown dress pants. My shoes will be sneakers, my socks SmartWool(tm). Not the best, but the best I can do now.

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for me to go to Mens Warehouse at some point with my jacket and get a matching pair of trousers and a pair of dress shoes which fit, plus a good tie. Then take the jacket to the local tailor to be let out (perhaps the other way around, in case it needs too much letting out). But not today.

Corporate culture is changing. One of the things I expect to happen at the meeting tomorrow is the announcement of a major contract, and the institution of security policies relating to that contract -- such as photo name badges. Hopefully, the "business professional" is a exception, not the new rule.

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Mens Warehouse...or check goodwill once in a while.

White guys look good dressed up.

I usually find that having one nice universal suit / outfit / dress / whatever is a good thing for any closet. Like, the kind of thing that would be equally good for a wedding, job interview, funeral, formal meeting, etc.

I am bad about keeping professional clothes up to date. If I needed a suit to wear tomorrow, I would have to run down to Syracuse to Casual Male XL and hope they had something in stock in my size.

It is generally a good idea to maintain at least one, ideally two, sets of "nice" clothing, if not for business purposes, then at least for weddings, bar mitzvahs and funerals. Even at my worst dressed, this was always my minimum standard -- to have at least one good suit and the shoes and socks to go with it, and to make sure they were maintained in usable condition.

It may be too late, but Kohl's, next to Home Depot in the southwest, often has improbably good sales on nice-looking clothing.

Yeah, Kohl's. Plus get yourself some garment bags and some cedar blocks to repel the moths from your good suit.

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