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Timeline, as best as I can reconstruct it...
Jan 14th -- My Credit Union receives information leading their VISA specialist to believe my VISA debit card *may* have been compromised. A note that my card may soon be blocked is added to my account, and a new card is ordered.

Jan 19th, 7PMish -- I checked my bank balance online, and saw a balance of $170, with $140 available. I order dinner for Skitten and me ($30).

Jan 19th, 11pmish -- I head to the local grocery to buy 24l of seltzer ($14.14). My card is declined.
Jan 19th, 11:30ish -- I check my bank balance again, and see a balance of $170, with $12 available. Racking my brain for what I can recall buying, and how much, I estimate my available balance should be around $120.
Jan 20th, 12:15amish -- I head back to the grocery, and buy 12l of seltzer ($7.07).

Jan 20th, 8amish -- I check my bank balance, and see a balance of $56, (available: $4.47) and the two most recent cleared transactions were $87 in pet supplies from a Petland in Calgary, Alberta, and a $10 movie ticket from a 10-screen multiplex in Calgary, Alberta (I suspect the PetLand and the theater are in the same mall).

Jan 20th, noonish -- I go to the Credit Union, and explain that I didn't see a movie in Calgary yesterday. They check their records, tell me about the note on my account, have me talk to the VISA specialist, block my card (which I then handed over; they can dispose of it better than I), and gave me a transaction dispute form to fill out (now in their hands with my signature on it). I took the last $4 out of my account and bought myself a frozen dinner for lunch.

My replacement card should get here soon, and with luck the $97 will be returned to my account as well.

In the meantime, I'm broke until payday.....

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This also just happened to my friend, Rourkie, last week! :-(

I wonder if there was a data breech which hit both of us.

Suntrust but a block on tomhundleyrn's debit card a few weeks ago. He talked to them and they unblocked it. Next day, $975 in purchases in Spain. The cancelled card, issued new one, and a month later, he's almost through the resolution process and has most of the money back. No fun. May your way through this be easier.

My hope is that the fact that they were already processing the possible compromise will speed things up. At least I didn't talk them out of a block only to be hit after they unblocked it at my request.

Been there

Agni's gone through that a couple of times. Usually, it starts with a phone call from MC saying there's been suspicious activity on your card. It's a bit of a pain, especially if you only have the one account. But when it's so obvious that you couldn't be in two places at once, there is generally no problem resolving it.

But that's why I use the credit card and not the debit function.


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