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My leg hurts...
Yesterday, Skitten convinced me to go to Morris dance practice. I should have been going all along, but (a) due to a lack of student involvement, it's been moved from Cornell (a 5-minute drive) to Trumansburg (a 30-minute drive), and (b) it's nominally from 4pm-6pm (but usually ends earlier) on Sunday and we're expected to volunteer at Bound For Glory at 6pm on Sundays, so with our usual tardiness, we'd spend about as much time driving to and from practice as practicing.

Things... didn't go well. When I went to do a dance (a relatively new one I've only done a few times, but that's not a stopper), I made a serious mistake in the first verse. What I was supposed to do was jump, turn around, and clash sticks to start, then the verse proper: (two single steps forward, two in place, two backward, jump, turn around, and clash)x2. It's called "Foot up and down" -- step ("foot") up the hall and back to place, then down the hall and back to place. I instead did a "Foot up and hobble down". A sharp pain in my right calf accompanied my landing on the jump, turn around, and clash at the end of the foot up. The foot down was accompanied by pain with every step on my right foot, and I quickly came to a stop.

I was told to ice it down, and put heat on it when I got home. There is some dispute as to how well these instructions were followed. It no longer hurts when the muscle isn't being used, but walking still aches with every step (the cold weather of the walk in didn't help), and stairs are unliked, but it's much better than yesterday.

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Would a tub soak help?

If I had a nice tub, maybe ;-).

It's getting better nicely. I don't expect it to be a problem for the walk home, but I'll avoid dancing on it this week.

Ibuprofen is your friend...

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