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How to make gnocci "wings"
If you take chicken wings, deep fry them, and then toss them with Franks Red-Hot sauce, you get "Wings". (I learned about wings by going to school at the University at Buffalo. No one in Buffalo calls them "Buffalo wings").

Here's a video of Steve at the WEBstaurantStore demonstrating making gnocci "wings". It's worth watching, even if you don't like gnocci or wings.

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I thought that the "original" original preparation consisted of parboiling the wings, drying them off, coating them with the hot sauce, and then deep-frying them quickly at a relatively high heat, so that the sauce partially caramelizes.

I wouldn't have thought that gnocchi would do very well when deep-fried - they're just too doughy. But other kinds of pasta can very easily be deep-fried. The largest size of bow-tie pasta, for example, is often fried and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese while still hot, served as an "appetizer" or munchy with cocktails. Ditto for deep-fried ravioli - and cheese ravioli, even though the cheese has savory seasonings in it, is usually sprinkled with powdered sugar. So almost any suitable size and shape of pasta ("wagon wheels" or similar interesting shapes might be fun!) could be cooked "wings-style", with the hot sauce applied either before or after frying. But I guess that a vegan would have to figure out a non-dairy equivalent for the blue cheese dressing on the celery sticks...

Gnocchi shouldn't be doughy, they should be light and poofy! Otherwise they're evil.

Well, not "doughy" in texture, but they're made from a fairly moist dough - fine when boiled and served with sauce, but too wet to deep-fry safely. (I've had something similar, although not as spectacular, happen when deep-frying tofu.)

(Hmmm... "wings"-style tofu? How does that sound to you, Bu?)

They weren't anything to write home about, especially after I found out that the local store that sold them only had one fryer for regular wings and tofu wings.

The problem being that Tofu doesn't have any flavor of its own, unlike chicken wings. So tofu wings are just carriers for the sauce, flavor-wise.

Perhaps seitan/wheat gluten wings might work better.

Well, you could marinate the tofu in the sauce first. But I think something like one of the large, interestingly shaped forms of pasta would probably be better - although pasta doesn't have very much flavor of its own either. Hmm. Strips of portabella mushroom, perhaps? (What else is chewy, at least moderately flavorful by itself, and non-animal?)

I can't eat any of the Frank's sauces (or most other commercial hot sauces, like Sriracha or Tabasco) - they all contain vinegar and garlic :-(

This video made me a bit apprehensive because I recently got a second degree burn on my face from exploding hot oil while cooking. But, since Steve did not get hurt, the Mexican Jumping Gnocchi were funny.

My Italian friend sent me his mother's traditional recipe for fried Gnocchi. But they were pan fried not deep fried. The basic idea, of serving fried gnocchi with Frank's Red Hot sauce, is sound. I wonder if deep frying them at a lower temp would not cause the same exploding problem?

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