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Submitted without comment.

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I'm confused. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a quote from Yoda, attributed to Dumbledore, and accompanied by Ian McKellan as Gandalf?

And is it a deliberate mash-up or just wrong?

You don't need correcting.

My understanding is that it is a deliberate mashup. I found it linked to by someone who described it as "How to stop a geek in their tracks" and was discombobulated by it herself.

Is there a series of these or something? Earlier someone tossed my way a "live long and prosper" signed Han Solo with a Nathan Fillion on the side.

I do not know of it being a series. The picasa site I linked to doesn't seem to have any more.

Ask Kat, she's the one who brought it to my attention.

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