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iPhone scare
My iPhone bricked itself. I was listening to a podcast and playing sudoku when the waitress stopped by. I pressed the sleep button and toggled the mic button to stop the podcast and put the phone down. After making my order, I picked the phone up. and it refused to respond. None of the buttons did anything, the screen was black, etc. A brick.

Fortunately, as I was writing this very entry (beginning with "Right now, my iPhone is a brick.") I decided to go a google search on "my iPhone 4 won't turn on" and found the Apple troubleshooting guide which suggested a procedure to reset the phone (the second procedure listed, beginning with "if that doesn't work, try..."). So my phone is no longer bricked.

I still don't know what happened.

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Someone in another dimension needed to make a phone call.

FYI, I had to explain the term "brick" to your wife, last time I did one of these.

I also just had my MacBook get inexplicably wedged, and thought I was going to have to diddle the hardware, but found a software fix that took care of it. I'm getting the impression that Apple products are capricious like this.

My Iphone bricked itself in the grocery store. I found the same guide after I got home. Yay!

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