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A test post from my phone

This is a test. If I'm right, there should be a cut tag and an image.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.


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The test was a success.

If requested by the responsible people, I will delete the picture of a child.

The Cuteness!
She has the Power of Cuteness!

Ok I am clicking the link...

Roll for save against cuteness...

Fail, go get candland

I don't mind the pic. Hells, I'VE posted pics of my Cuteness.

I suddenly want to hug a puppy... and I don't even LIKE puppies.

Hi! This is fractalshadows. I am posting from the computer lab at my school. Please explain to me, because I am really confused:
Why are you posting a picture of a child on a public forum? I came in via google to make sure I wasn't jumping to conclusions. I thought such a posting was considered a security breach. Yet skitten's reply made me think this child is known among your circle of friends.
I feel computer ignorant and socially retarded.

I am posting a picture on a public forum for the purposes of testing out the capabilities of a Live Journal client for my phone. One of the purported capabilities was adding images to posts. Of the images that were then available on my phone, I felt this one was the best one to use. (One capability the client seems to lack is the ability to take pictures while posting, so I failed to do that).

As for being a security risk, how? I didn't/haven't identified the child, the EXIF information attached to the image has been stripped so no location information is available. Knowing that an adult responsible for the care, safety, and wellbeing of this particular child would see and read this posting, I explicitly made it clear I would remove it if there was a concern. If there is a security concern, I'd like to know it.

It's not wrong, in general, to post images of children in public forums. On image-sharing sites like Flickr or Picasa its easy to find children -- those site allow the owner of the picture to label the pictures with multiple one-word "tags" which allow for easy searching. With very little effort, I was able to find 1200 images on Flickr about children, brothers, and sisters.

(Deleted comment)
COPPA does not apply to me in this case, as I am not an operator of a web-site which is collecting information from a child. Neither is Six Apart (the operators of Live Journal) implicated in this case, as they are not collecting the personal information about the child from the child. The would be collecting the personal information about the child from me, an adult.

I wouldn't necessarily strip all EXIF data. Most of the EXIF data is exposure/camera data, and doesn't tie the image to anyone. About the only EXIF data I'd potentially strip is the location data, and even then, it's iffy. If I were to take a picture in a public place, I probably wouldn't remove it.

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