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Seeking advice about Magic
When I was in college, I occasionally played Magic: The Gathering. I ended up with about 8-9" of cards I haven't played with for about a decade at this point. Obviously, I don't need them, and also obviously, M:tG cards are reputed to have some resale value.

I looked through a pre-sorted stack of green cards (perhaps an old single-color deck), and found nothing newer than Visions, most of it Revised Edition. About 40% of that green deck appears to be black-bordered (i.e., not a reprint), uncommon, or rare, and about 60% Revised Edition commons.

What is the best way to organize these cards for valuation/sale?

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get someone who knows approximate card values to take a quick look through, 9 inches of cards is a 10 to 20 minute job.

Black border anything through The Dark is at least minimally worthwhile.

In white border, nearly all commons and most uncommons are basically worthless. Unlimited will break this rule of thumb (there are discernable border differences, which you will be able to find images highlighting online)

Star City Games has generally useful buy list once you've winnowed things.

I would go with 1 of 2 options:
1. Sell the rares indiidually and donate the rest.
2. Sell all the rares and uncommons in one bulk sale so as to get rid of the harder to unload ones in one shot.

Ebay is useful for checking the current market value as well as selling.

You might want to email Rhea. She used to be quite the MtG player once upon a time.

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