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I have decided that, as of December 1st, 2010, I will be a pescetarian. It has been something I've been thinking about, for general health reasons, for a while. I also decided that if I didn't set a date and just do it, it wouldn't happen -- dietary inertia runs strong.

December 1st is a Thursday. I would appreciate suggestions for how to begin, in a way that won't interfere with work.

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Good luck! Depending on what you think your stomach is up to, I suggest one of the fried or grilled fish sandwiches at the Glenwood Pines, or a seafood dish at the Boatyard Grill.

A small bit of tuna mixed in with a salad.

Course the last thing you want to do is take food suggestions from me!

Starting small isn't a bad idea, come to think of it. You could accomplish something similar by adding tuna or salmon to a pasta sauce, or having some smoked salmon flavored cream cheese on a bagel.

Do you ever take Omega 3 fatty acid supplements? You could try switching from flax seed oil to fish oil capsules, to help get your body accustomed to fish fats.


My son became a pescatarian about 6 months ago which, as his personal chef, has made my life much easier. There are so many more options now. The last I knew though, you had never consumed any meat ever. Perhaps you should take it very slow and consult your physician. On a side note, we're coming down the weekend after next to scout around and check out the area. There is a good chance that we will be moving your way by next year.

I think you forgot to sign in. Who are "we"?

I talked to my physician about it this evening, actually. He doesn't see a problem.

I know that when meadmaker did this, he purchased digestive enzymes at Whole Foods to assist with the transition.

I added fish, but not mollusks/shellfish, back to my diet about 18 months ago, without GI problems. I have tried shrimp, but it disagreed with me. I've also recently began ignoring beef and chicken stock in food and soups for the most part, again without any GI problems. I do not cook with these ingredients at this time, though i'm sure i will before long. I've also found that sausage* does not bother my GI tract, FWIW.

*I consider sausage a separate category from meat. I know that is rather nonsensical, but this it is in my brain.

There are two good seafood places in town: Maxie's and the Boatyard.

Maxie's is a bit spicy. You could probably get a nice piece of fish at the Boatyard.

We could go shopping at Wegmans and pick up a fillet and I could fry it up for you. Fridays are best for that.

Dec 1 is a Wednesday on my calendar.

December 1 is a Wednesday on my calendar too; I apparently had a calendar-reading failure earlier.

I'm not sure I want to start with fried fish; it seems inappropriate to start a healthy change to the diet with fried food. Especially since I associate fried fish with battered fish, and the thought is "fish = low-carb protein".

Fair enough.

For the record I don't batter the fish. I just dredge it in corn meal. That is some carb, but not much.

All praise to Pescet! May he smite your enemies with his mighty trident!

Sushi maybe? I would just eat a very small amount the first time.

Personally though, I don't think my psychology is capable anymore, I bet I could eat fish if I was hungry enough I guess.

I certainly didn't notice any true health differences between occasionally eating fish and being veg... or really in between being vegetarian and vegan, but apparently my body likes being vegan because I feel better now than ever. I know everyone's bodies are different. (for the record I did have health and digestive issues before I went vegetarian, but I did occasionally eat shrimp, tuna, and sushi, albeit pretty rarely for the first 8 years or so)

Well, you could start with sushi. Much of it is delicately flavored and you wouldn't be eating a big amount of fish at one time. I personally do not eat octopus because they play but I highly recommend yellowtail.

Next time you visit, I'll take you to my 2 favorite seafood places. One is Osaka Sushi and the other Captain Tom's Fried Fish.

Looking forward to hearing what you make of your introductions to it. (My one and only advice is that if you start with the canned stuff, don't judge other fish by it).

Given how much I feel the Army has degraded my brainpower, I wanted to verify what I thought the word pescetarian meant. Dictionary.com failed me and suggested I meant pasteurian, praetorian, or pedestrian. I think any of those would be good for your health unless you were a tyrranical praetorian.

I'll mention the dining facilities seem partial to baked fish items. Good Eats episodes on fish recipes can be found on youtube.

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