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TV Tropes as a reference....
TV Tropes has the best listing of logical fallacies that I have seen on the web yet. It's not just because it has a large number of fallacies, but because each fallacy has a page giving a description and usually examples, cross-links to related fallacies, etc.

Crucially, many fallacies have a "looks like this fallacy, but it's not" section where they give situations similar to the fallacy,but aren't really fallacious. As an example, the fallacy "proof by example" (where the proponent cites a number of examples supporting his thesis, and thus claims that his thesis holds generally ("George Washington was married, Lincoln was married, Bush's I and II were both married, even Obama is married. Therefore, Marriage is a defacto requirement to be President of the US") has, in it's "looks like this fallacy, but it's not" the cases where your list of examples is exhaustive (All acute triangles on a plane have interior angles which add to 180, all right triangles on a plane likewise, and so too with obtuse triangles on a plane. Therefore, all triangles on a plane have interior angles which add to 180), or when you are using your example to disprove a thesis (James Buchanan was a bachelor, and thus marriage is not a requirement for the Presidency).

The TV Tropes page indexing all the fallacies is You Fail Logic Forever.

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Bu, I had other things to do during my lunch hour. TV tropes is the biggest time suck on the planet.

Did you just read the fallacies, or did it suck you in beyond that?

Of course, the folks at TV Tropes are aware of the issue: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life

Unfortunately, I only got through part of the fallacies, what with following the links and all... Then I had to go back to work. I bookmarked it though

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