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This is what happens when you don't use online services often.

I found out about a game called "The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen", which is a game of outrageous storytelling. It sounds similar in feel to "Once Upon A Time...". Both are story-telling games, both allow interruptions by other players as you tell your story, and both are rather freeform. With "Once Upon A Time..." (which I have kenshardik's copy) you have a handful of cards with story elements you have to work in, and others interrupt with their own story elements and take over the story. The person who is able to bring the story to an end wins. With "...Munchausen", everyone gets to tell an outrageous story based on prompts ("My lord! I don't think everyone here has heard how you single-handedly defeated a regiment of Turks with nothing but an egg cup and a grapefruit spoon."), and players wager tokens on their ability to disrupt ("But m'lord, it was a full moon that night, the Turks would have seen you crossing the dunes.") and incorporate ("Yes they would have, if I hadn't strapped myself and my gear to the bellies of a herd of wild camels. They allowed me to get to the Turk camp unnoticed..."). As stories are told, tokens change hand, and at the end, players vote with their tokens on who had the best story. "...Munchausen" was published in 1998, and was reprinted in 2004.

Crazy Egor had 4 copies of the game for sale on eBay for about $10 each. So... what's my eBay user name? Once I got that sorted out, and reset my eBay password so I could log in (hmmm, can't reuse an old password, huh? OK, download a password generator and generate a new one...), I go to pay. I can pay by Visa using PayPal.. I just need to log into PayPal (something I haven't done in years as well).

PayPal says my account is "permanently locked" with a balance of $0.00, and that none of the information associated with that account can be used to create a new one. I can contact customer service to find out what to do now (using the "contact us" link on every page, it helpfully points out).

In a customer service catch-22, I cannot get any account-specific help via their contact us page unless I log in to link my request to my account -- which is of course, exactly why I'm trying to get help in the first place.


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