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A realization the other day...
A friend near Boston annually hosts a Cider Party, where he invites a whole bunch of friends over, he pulls out his antique cider mill and press (the dates on the castings are 19th century), a few bushels of a variety of different apple cultivars, and a party is had by all with freshly pressed cider being made all evening long. It's a fun event, and I've gone several times.

But not in the past few. I recently got an invitation for this years party, and I'm not going this year either. I don't feel I can afford it. I would love to go, but a trip to Boston in terms of gas, food, etc seems out of our means. Similarly, we haven't gone to as many folk music festivals, pagan festivals, or other similar events out of town for the same reason.

The Cider Party invitation started to make me think: We used to go to these things, even when our financial situation was much rougher than it is now. Now our finances are more in order, all our bills are paid, regularly and on time, we are not in danger of having our power, our phone, or internet cut off anymore, so why can't we afford to go to the Cider Party, NEFFA, Old Songs, or go to new (to us) things like Balticon, Arisia, etc?

Oh, right... I went to those things at the expense of financial stability. Now our bills are paid, and we aren't in danger of having services turned off. I bet if I stopped paying the power and phone bills for a couple of months, we could afford to go to these things. But if I have to chuse, I'll chuse not being in financial danger.

Now I just have to figure out how to save up so I can do all I want.