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Thing I learned today... The Battle of Trindade, or "Hey, they look like us!"
It's well known that TvTropes is somewhat addictive. I'm working my way through the military and war tropes, and am now breezing through a history of wars mostly backwards. In it, I came across this tidbit from the 1st world war:

In 1914, a brand new ocean liner from the Hamburg Süd line, the Cap Trafalgar, was called up by the Germans, converted into an auxiliary cruiser, and sent to the South Atlantic to harry British shipping in the area. On it's way, it found a group of German colliers trapped behind British patrols, and escorted them to the secret German resupply base at the island of Trindade, off the coast of Brazil. To allow it to get closer to the British merchant ships, it disguised itself as the older liner RMS Carmania, which belonged to the Cunard line.

While in Trindade, smoke from it's smokestacks was spotted by a patrolling British auxilliary cruiser, tasked (like the Cap Trafalgar) with finding German merchant ships in the South Atlantic and harrying them. This ship, the HMS Carmania, was a converted ocean liner, and was disguising itself as the Hamburg Süd Cap Trafalgar to assist it to get closer to it's targets. Both ships were quite surprised when the HMS Carmania-as-Cap Trafalgar steamed into the bay at Trindade to find the SMS Cap Trafalgar-as-Carmania and two colliers.

Both ships realized that they didn't have room to maneuver, so both left the harbor for open seas and had at it. It was a very close battle, with the Carmania taking the brunt of the damage and feeling like they were going to lose when they saw the crew of the Cap Trafalgar abandoning their ship. The German ship had taken damage below the water line, and sunk. The German sailors were rescued by the colliers, and the Carmania was rescued the next day and hauled in to port for repairs. She eventually saw service in Gallipoli, got turned into a troop carrier, and was scrapped in 1932.

What did you learn today (well, yesterday at this rate).

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I didn't show you my breasts on Yahoo! Messenger Video, did I?

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