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New headphones...
My new laptop has a sound problem: the built-in speakers sound horrid. This is typical of laptop sound, I understand, so it wasn't unexpected. I also can't listen to music, videos, and games with others in the room, unless they too are also trying to watch/listen to the same thing. What I needed were headphones.

I have a pair of iPhone earbuds, but my experience with them and this laptop is that they don't work well; only one channel comes through or things like that. My initial diagnosis was that the 3.5mm plug on the iPhone earbuds was not 100% compatible with the 3.5mm jack on the laptop. (However, the iPhone earbuds I was using appears to have been dying. A different set of earbuds seems to work fine).

Tonight, not knowing that my current set of earbuds seem to work fine, I went to Best Buy to buy a new set of headphones for use with the laptop. I got a pair of Sony "Bumpin Buds" MDR-EX35B earbuds (with a blue cable and red ear inserts).

The difference between these and the iPhone earbuds is amazing. Based on the descriptions on Wikipedia, the iPhone earbuds are "earbuds" while the new Sony earbuds are more properly "canalphones". They fit more within the ear canal and much more effectively block out external sound.

And they sound good too.

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Interesting coincidence.

I have also been having trouble with headphones. So tonight I picked up so cheap ear buds at Wegmans.

I have a pair of Bose headphones that I LOVE! They sound great. I can't stand sticking things in my ears. They are over the ear types and do such a good job of isolation that I originally thought they were noise canceling phones.

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