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A request for plots...
A few years ago, I requested from people rudiments of a plot as the kernel of a story. The end result was that I wrote (at least) five stories posted here on LJ (under my fiction tag). The project was inspired by nanofictionary, which is played by people collecting cards with plot rudements on it, and crafting a story out of it. The best story wins each round.

My request then was simple: Give me the basics of a plot: characters, setting, conflict, resolution -- just a couple of words each, and I'll write you a story, 500 words, more or less, using that plot as inspiration.

The suggestion of Bacchus and Dione in a Greek discotheque, him trying to pick her up ending in disaster lead to a story of a dance contest amongst the Gods (and demigods, etc) culminating in a back-breaking aerial move. A request featuring coworkers, a husband, and a mistress ending in discovery and betrayal was satisfied with a tale of a restaurant reviewer breaking off her engagement for good reason.

I'd like to encourage folks to read what I wrote then (see the link above) and make new suggestions. I want to try writing fiction again, and this seemed a good way.

A couple of points: I don't want to write erotica, so I'll probably ignore any such requests. While "Yellow Roses" turned out well (but in desperate need of a proofreader), I remember that the request didn't include a plot, per se. The biggest complaints I've gotten about that story is that it's plotless and doesn't resolve. I'd rather work with a plot.

(p.s., I don't believe "Vigilante" or "One Minute Radio Soap Opera" were inspired by this sort of exercise, except perhaps my creativity was sparked by the experiment).

I'll do one better: I'll create a "fiction" friends list. It'll allow me to post the resulting stories in a way which preserves their "not published" status, and provides a "carrot" to encourage plot requests: to get on the "fiction" filter, give me a suitable plot request.

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A morality tale about a rabbit and a squirrel, whose casual game of Chess threatens the world with Apocalypse.

What I've got wending its way through my mind is an unholy mishmash of "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle" (minus the moose, plus Boris & Natasha), "Chess", and "War Games", with perhaps some Beatrix Potter in the mix. I suspect it's bollocks, and I'll have to come up with another idea.

Characters: An insecure starship captain, a junkie doctor, and a smug second-in-command.
Setting: A spaceship on the edge of nowhere.
Conflict: Should they talk to the aliens outside?
Resolution: ... that's really more your department than mine.

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