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(no subject)
I didn't get much done outside of work today. Before breakfast, I napped; after I got home, I puttered on the 'puter a bit. I did, maybe 20 minutes ago, get MapTool up and running and identified which maps I need to flesh out tomorrow. I'll try to work on it some more before breakfast, and more in the evening.

A distraction tomorrow is that the new laptop will be arriving. My attitude is that I can play with the laptop after I'm ready for the game. I might use it as a file transfer medium to attempt to bring my music collection into the office (where I sync my iPhone).

Along those lines, I've set up a VM running Win7 on my home machine, and it is capable of running iTunes and seeing my phone. What is the best/approved method of moving the music and data from one install of iTunes on one machine to a new install of iTunes on another machine?