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Brunch, and shopping!
This morning we went to brunch at Orange Blossom Pancake Company with sheherazahde and kenshardik (who was in town visiting). It was good, and lovely food was had by all. I convinced sheherazahde to get one of the specials -- two fillets served on crostini bread floated on onion soup. I was interested in seeing how you float breakfast on onion soup. I don't think it was a breakfast dish, but she liked it. I went for poached eggs on what was supposed to be English muffins, with salsa and roasted red pepper bisque.

We hung out at our house for a while, then I went out to find shirts. My boss, on his way out for a weeks vacation in Mexico, sent an email to my department informing them that our new investors are coming by on Tuesday and Wednesday. As such, he would like us to dress in "business casual, not personal casual" for those days. Since my wardrobe is somewhat depleted of wearable business casual shirts (and I have two passable business casual pants, not both in the washing machine), I headed out shirt shopping. I may have gone a bit overboard, but I walked out of the store with 6 new button-down shirts, 4 of which I would consider passibly business casual (checks for patterns, standard collars, 2 short sleeved, 2 long), and 2 of which are decidedly not business casual (100% rayon, floral print, short sleeved). And a new belt, to replace the worn one which appears to have gone walkabout. I will model the shirts tomorrow evening and post pictures.

Tonight was the first Bound For Glory concert/radio show for the summer season, and Toby Walker was the performer. I was supposed to engineer the first album-cut set, but skitten was feeling ill and we ended up leaving 10 minutes before airtime. I know someone else was able to cover for me, but I still don't like walking out like that. Once home, she spent a few minutes sitting with her head over a can, but ultimately everything subsided with the cool of the house and ibuprofin. She went to bed around 21:30, which is early for her. I'm mainly up to get the laundry dealt with, so I should be up a couple more hours...

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I love that roasted red pepper bisque on the Blossom Bruschetta. I've asked for a side of it for other breakfasts, too! I don't think the bruschetta was ever on english muffin, though... just interesting toast. The Benedict is on english muffin, but has strips of bacon instead of the more traditional canadian bacon. (Not that this would worry you... ;-)

The miserable heat at BFG is one of the reasons I've come much less often.

There were two items on the menu: the Blossom Bruschetta (2 poached eggs, bruschetta, bisque on toast) and something like the Blossom Salsa (2 poached eggs, salsa, bisque on an English muffin). I've had the former, but I also like English muffins, so I decided to try the second. I got something in between, 2 poached eggs, salsa, bisque on toast.

Next time I'm there, I'll ask about appropriate substitutions for the rashers. I like English muffins and I like hollandaise. I don't generally like runny yolks, but they seem to work well in poached eggs on bread products, and I'll put up with a lot for hollandaise.

in the summertyime i don't blame you- it's pretty awful but in the fall & winter it isn't too bad

It was good seeing you. I hope K is feeling better.

I am indeed- I needto eat more proteins with my breakfast- no ideas what I was thinking that made merthink I could hasbndle it- on the other hand- the leftovers rocked hard! :)

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