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What am I doing in May?
The problem with rarely maintaining a calendar is that when it comes time to actually do so, you can't remember what you need to put on it.

Hence, "what am I doing?" rather than "what I am doing in May."

I am going to the Catskills the first and last weekends of May.
I have a regularly scheduled dinner with friends on Tuesday evenings.
I have a D&D game in the process of being scheduled for May.
I have volunteer radio engineering for Bound for Glory on the 2nd and 9th
I work on weekdays.

I can't recall any other plans.

Anyone know what else I should be aware of?

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What are you doing for your Birthday?

To quote Frank N Furter: Nothing yet. Why? Do you think I should?

I should have some money then. I would be happy to take you to dinner.

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