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(no subject)
it is hard to work
when the car parked right outside
blinds you with sunlight.

Cars park outside the window on the south side of my workplace. During sunny spring and summer days the sun reflects off their windshields just right to go directly into my eyes when I glance in the direction of most of the other people in the office. Everyday it's an annoyance, as I have to deal with not being able to read my screen because of afterglow spots right in my fovea.

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not to be too ridiculously obvious, but how about closing the blinds?

I do, but part of it is that the windows in question are next to other people's desks, so I have to interrupt them to do it. The windows are also a major source of natural light into the room, especially in the mornings, so the other occupants open the blinds before I get there.

Being blinded is a good reminder to close them, however.

the only other thing i can think of is that maybe you can rearrange your area so you're not looking directly towards that window, or else get a cheap room-divider screen and position it to block the glare. (i realize that neither may be possible in your particular workplace.)

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