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I wish I could remember the story...
When I was in Boston at a gaming convention hosted by SIPB (the Student Information Processing Board at MIT) and visiting lindalee, I read a great graphic novel based on issues 1810 to 1860 of some comic I don't recall the title of. The story involved a hero (Wolverine? Batman? can't recall exactly) who was hiding from the main villan (a particularly nasty sort, possibly alien, with lots of purple glow), and a child hostage, who wasn't just what he appeared to be.

I wish I could remember more of the story, and I doubt that anyone out there can help me, because to the best of my knowledge, there are no comics up to 1800 issues, nor have I visited lindalee lately, nor does SIPB host gaming conventions, nor have I been to a gaming convention in Boston.

But I've had this dream two nights running. Perhaps after a few more nights, I'll have enough details to tell the story.

Hero, Villain, Child,
Purple flashes in the night!
Only in my dreams...


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