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A (perhaps silly) question for my Jewish friends...
Is it permissible to start a batch of homebrew on 12 Nissen, or would you need to sell the wort to a non-Jewish friend during the primary ferment?

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It took me a few read-throughs, followed by a little Googling, to guess what you might be talking about. If your concern is a batch of homebrew conflicting with Passover, you're right. Beer is a grain product, and both the grain and the active fermentation would be problematic in a home that's keeping Kosher for Passover. If your beer wouldn't be finished and out of the house by sundown on the day Passover starts, which I've just learned is 15 Nissan, then you wouldn't want to start it on the 12th.

Definitely sell. Or more particularly, definitely that's a lousy time to start it.

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