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Finances: One mystery solved, a new mystery discovered.
There were two letters of interest in the mail today. One resolved a mystery, one contained a mystery.

The "mystery solved" was from the State taxes folks. A while ago I got a notice from them which said that they had audited my taxes from a prior year and had discovered that I had never filed, nor paid the taxes due. It was a fair cop; I was unemployed at the time and didn't have the money to pay the unexpected State taxes, so I never filed. I also have an outstanding student loan in default held by the State, so every year my State refund never comes to me anyway, it's withheld to pay the loan. But with the back taxes, I figured the refund would go to the back taxes before the loan this year.

With that background, this year about half of my expected Federal return was withheld to pay some unspecified issue (the notice that the monies were withheld stated that the agency that tells them to withhold the refund doesn't tell them why, so don't ask. But the likely causes are other government obligations, unpaid child support, unpaid back State taxes, etc...). I figured the only category which applied to me was the State taxes, and since they didn't take all the refund, I figured that would pay off the State Tax issue -- and so my State refund would go to the loan.

When my State "refund" came, it said that the entire refund was withheld to pay the back taxes, not the loan, and that I still owed more on the back taxes. Which left the mystery: Where did the withheld Federal return money go?

The letter today was from the State Tax folks, and it was an "Assessments Receivable Overpayment Notice", indicating that I overpaid my back tax obligation and was due money back, less of course what was claimed for the student loan. The Federal refund withheld made it to the State, finally, and now everything is how I expected it to be. Mystery solved.

We also received homeowners insurance policy renewal paperwork, which had something unexpected in it. Under mortgagees, it lists Skitten's ex-MIL, who lent her and her ex the money to buy the house, and the Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Service, which financed some repair work with a 0% loan that doesn't need to be repaid until Skitten sells the place or moves. Both of those are known and expected. But there is a 3rd mortgagee, M&T Mortgage from Springfield OH, which Skitten knows nothing about. I do not recall ever seeing this third mortgagee before. I don't fully know what it means.

Has anyone dealt with something like this before? Does anyone know how to track down what claim this third mortgagee has on our property?

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banks and other lending institutions routinely sell mortgages to one another, and they don't have to notify the debtor about it explicitly. however, i do think they have to reply if you ask them directly. try looking up M&T Mortgage online, and email, write, and (note "and", not "and/or") phone them, asking them just what the hell is going on.

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