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Impressions: The Girlfriend Experience
I felt that Soderberg's The Girlfriend Experience could aptly be summed up as more of a character-piece than a plot-driven movie. It was composed of scenes filled with people talking in ways which don't sound like how real people talk (too monologuey), cut and shown in non-chronological order such that you sort of have to piece it together in your head if you want to get a sense of the proper time order.

Then I realized I was describing Pulp Fiction.

Despite the similarity of form, there are a lot of differences between Pulp Fiction and The Girlfriend Experience. Pulp Fiction had more guns, and more killing, for instance. It was also sexier. Heck, John Travolta was sexier than the lead in The Girlfriend Experience, porn star Sasha Grey. At one point, the main character, a high-priced escort, received a scathingly bad review on an escort review website, describing her affect as flat. Despite this being a movie about that characters life, relationships, and emotions, that review is also a good description of Ms. Grey's acting as well.

I'm glad I saw it. Now I know what I was missing. I don't have to see it again. Now let's see if Pulp Fiction is available on Netflix Watch Instantly...