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(no subject)
Bangs Funeral Home
doubles up by owning an
ambulance service.

While the above is probably a libel, Bangs funeral home and ambulance service are nearby neighbors. Today Skitten discovered that the sidewalks and parking spaces near our house are packed with people. She asked me over IM "Who the hell died?"

The powers of the interwebs allowed me to answer. The obituary for Joseph Salino lists 5 people he survived, 2 more and 5 categories of people he "also survived", and 4 more peole and two more categories he "leaves". His obituary in the paper has 135 online guestbook signers.

I guess Mr. Salino was popular.

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Thanks. I was wondering what that crowd was about.

The calling hours were listed as ending at 7. When we got home at 8, there was still a line of people in the sidewalk reaching to the front of our house.

it was often common in small towns for the ambulance and the hearse to be the same vehicle - the only vehicle in town configured to transport a human being lying down.

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