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(no subject)
I have a sore throat
and enlarged neck lymph nodes.
I called in sick.

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Sorry to hear that. You gonna see a doctor?

you probably ought to get that looked at by a doctor, to rule out strep.

(Deleted comment)
not just any old doctor you mean ;-)

like your haiku :-)

You called in sick though?
That's sad, here Good Friday is
A bank holiday

Re: like your haiku :-)

The United States'
holidays are not based on
a state religion.

Well, almost. Christmas is a Federal holiday (the US equivalent to UK bank holidays), but none of the other Federal holidays are tied to religious celebrations. Technically, Federal holidays are only binding on the Federal government and related institutions, but many employers give time off for them as well. States recognize their own lists of holidays, and a few recognize Good Friday (Louisiana also recognizes Marti Gras), but it isn't a common practice.

Many educational institutions will recognize religious holidays if they effect a large portion of the student population. The state-run university near where I grew up (SUNY Binghamton; ask Nomad about the SUNY system for more details) would have classes on some Federal or State holidays but would take time off for Rosh Hashonnah and Yom Kippur. Many government-run primary and secondary school districts don't officially take Good Friday off, but rather conveniently schedule a week-long "Spring Break" which is centered around Easter. But then, some school districts schedule the first day of deer hunting season as a holiday rather than have lots of students miss class.

Private employers don't have to follow the governmental holiday schedule, and in fact I don't get all 10 Federal holidays off (or all 12 New York holidays, for that matter).

Re: like your haiku :-)

I think I knew most of that in a vague way but not the details, thank you.

Here a lot of civil servants (including the Inland Revenue (IRS) last time I checked) even get Maundy Thursday afternoon off work (jammy buggers)*.

Followers of recognised religions other than christianity are intitled to authorised absence from school etc for things like Eide.

I'm looking forward to telling the school that L1 and L2 need authorised absence on religious grounds so they can come to P**T*** ... how do you think that will go down?

*'jammy buggers' is a phrase that is unusual in that until last Sunday it was a British idiom that Nomad had not yet encountered. It means approximately 'lucky bastards' only much milder. Of course you USians can't have 'jammy' meaning lucky and 'jelly-y buggers just doesn't work!

Feel better Buddha.
We want to see you healthy.
Take time off. Relax.

I have sore throat now. I think I got it from you.

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