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NetFlix/USPS screwup....
On Tuesday (2 days ago) I got emails saying that they had mailed The Tick: Entire Season disks 1 and 2. Yesterday we received disk 2. This morning I got an email saying that Netflix has received disk 1. It's like disk 1 came to us, but didn't stop, and went right back to them.

It would have been nicer if disk 2 had been the one to make that round trip, as then I could, y'know, watch it.

As it stands, this will be a good experiment. Netflix has also said they are shipping the "Watch Instantly on the Wii" disk for delivery today, and The Tick: Entire Season is one of the things which I could Watch Instantly if I had a way. So I'll try to watch it instantly tonight.

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Let me know how the video is. I'm just curious. I have a TiVo and no Netflix account, so I have yet to try their VoD service.

On a TiVo, at least, it's quite awesome if you have a decent Internet connection. The basic video streaming looks fine, about as good as a DVD or a downloaded movie, and for the relative handful of movies available in HD, if your connection is fast enough and you have an HD TiVo model, the video is superb.

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