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Netflix is sending me The Tick: Entire Season disks 1 and 2. It should arrive tomorrow. I was rather distressed to find that this is the Live-Action version of The Tick, rather than the animated version I was expecting.

Does anyone have any good words to say about the live-action The Tick?

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Well worth a viewing. Stupid and fun.


I have nothing else to add.

Not in the face! Not in the face!

I hear it's great if you're into slash.

It stars Patrick Warburton, who may have been born to play The Tick.

(The above is the extent of my knowledge of the live-action Tick series, as I've not actually seen it. However, dude, Patrick Warburton.)

(He provided the voice and artistic inspiration for Kronk in the llama movie.)

(Also known as "The Emperor's New Groove.")

It was lots of fun. And it had Patrick Warburton as THE TICK. We loves P.W.!

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