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Well this is a predicament...
I drove the new car to work today, and Skitten stopped by around 10ish to transfer stuff from the old car to the new car. When she left, she locked the car using the new and exciting remote key fob.

Of course, I don't have one of those new and exciting remote key fobs, and the key I have doesn't actually work to unlock the door (I think this was by design, not a bad key or lock).

My lunch is in the car. And Skitten isn't answering her phone.

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(Deleted comment)
Nah, I can do other things for lunch if need be. It's a hassle, but not one that needs police involvement.

Do you have AAA? They can send out a locksmith (for a price). Or if it's a brand-new car, the dealership might be able to help.

Or, well, you can wait for Skitten to answer her phone.

But I have a question: If you don't have a remote and your key doesn't unlock the door, how were you planning to get into the car after work to begin with? Or does the key only not unlock the door if it was locked with the remote? (With my car, if I lock it using the remote and then open it with the key, it sets off the alarm. But I can turn the alarm off by starting the car with the key. I don't understand it; I just don't lock it with the remote except under unusual circumstances.)

Skitten has AAA; it's not a new car. I've already reached Skitten about the situation.

As to how was I planning on getting into the car after work: I didn't leave it locked. I don't live, or work, in a high-crime area, and I can see the car from my desk as well.

Ah. Yes, okay, I didn't think of that solution. (I have friends who live in a rural, low-crime area. They are amused that I seem to be constitutionally unable to get out of my door without [a] holding my keys in my hand and [b] locking the doors.)

I know the ignition key doesn't open the door but I thought the trunk key did.

Guess who has the trunk key?

Why does she have the trunk key and the fob?
The whole point of the trunk key was that it was the duplicate of the fob!

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