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How does one get rid of a car in New York State?
We just bought a newer car, primarily because our old car would cost more than the Kelly's Blue-Book value to pass inspection, and that wouldn't fix half the things wrong with it.

I don't want to sell or give away the old car to anyone who thinks it's worth trying to put the car on the road again; a cheap car that needs hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs is not a cheap car, and anyone who can afford to put this car on the road can afford a better car.

But I have no idea how to sell a car for scrap or automotive recycling. Who do I call? What Google search terms should I use to find junkyards buying cars? Do I have to pay to get the car to the junkyard or drive it in, or will they send a tow truck to get it? Has anyone done this, or has everyone here either traded in their old cars or let the insurance company deal with disposing of the remains after an accident?

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Contact JC! He just dealt successfully in this manner with both my old car and John's old car!

Meanwhile, for me, did you get the video Skype working? I think you did. What camera did you end up using. My Staff Research Astronomer is setting up a Skype video system for his parents on Linux. I knew you'd gotten it working and wanted to know what web cam you used.

I'll have to check when I get home. I remember it's a Logitech Quickcam, but I don't recall the specific type. Actually, skitten and I are using two different cameras.

The main difficulty is that until recently there hasn't been a good standard for USB video, and even now the existing standard has some issues with allowed vendor choices. The webcam drivers have to match the webcam hardware, and vendors see no reason to change the name, marking, or model numbers of the cameras in a way you can see on the box before you buy.

Most cameras which follow the UVC(?) standard will work out of the box with Linux, but even so I took Skitten's laptop with me to Best Buy and had them open the boxes so I could try out the actual camera when I went to buy hers.

Another alternative, if you're willing to let it go for no money, is to donate it. I know the Kidney Foundation will take clunkers off your hands and give you a receipt for tax deductions; so will some other charities.

The only catch is those "free vacation" has to be reported as income. So you want to just get rid of the car and get nothing in return but the reciept.

What's this "free vacation" of which you speak?

Some of the dontate car things down here also give away a "free vacation" which I think is a timeshare pitch. But you have to discount any benefit you get from the dontation amount.

That sounds somewhere between sleazy and a scam to me.

Then stop talking to anyone who offers you the free vacation out of it. There are plenty of charities that will just take your car away and give you a receipt. (Heck, I was as confused about page_of_swords bringing up vacations as you were.) When I bought my current car, I donated the old one to Big Brothers and Big Sisters, as it was no longer safe to drive to the dealership to trade in. As I recall, BB&BS had a program at the time where some of their participants would work on donated cars to fix them.

NPR will take them; the Alzheimer's Foundation will take them; I think that the United Way will take them; http://www.donationline.com/newvehicle_donation_form.shtml seems like a resource; there are lots more. I'm sure that if you made a list ten charities that you care about, one of them will take the car as a donation and not be sleazy about it.

I heartily suggest donations.

That's interesting; I haven't heard that pitch on any of the ads local to me (East Tennessee). It's always along the lines of, "Help support kidney disease research and get a tax deduction, the car doesn't even have to run and we'll come pick it up."

well, you can look in the Yellow Pages under "Auto Wreckers", and see which ones say "We Buy Junk Cars". tell them it doesn't run, and they'll send a tow truck. (although, depending on local conditions, they might charge a small fee for hauling it away. try to find one that doesn't.)

or go here and find a charity you'd like to donate the car to. they've got things like the Space Frontier Foundation, the Environmental Bicycle Project, Air Ambulance Angels, disaster relief (Haiti, Chile, and elsewhere), animal rescue - pick a cause.

If I remember correctly, there's a junkyard a ways down 96B (well past Ithaca College - you may even have to turn off of 96B) that had lots of cars. Not sure if they'll buy the car off you for parts or what, but they may be worth checking out as well. I know Bonnie and I found a wheel cover there for her Oldsmobile during our undergrad years.

What kind of newer car did you get?

It's a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

When needing to get rid of a vehicle, I donated it to the local fire department for a tax write off. Then you can take the KBB value on the receipt despite how much it would cost to fix. As others have said, there are often other charities that would give you similar benefits of a tax deduction for donation. I just liked the idea they'd be setting my clunker on fire to train on putting out car fires or using the jaws of life or something like that. One phone call and an appointed time later and a tow truck showed up to take care of the paperwork and they sent me a receipt with a nice thank you card.

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