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Pet Peeve of the day...
Have you ever read the support forum for a product, software or hardware, and seen an exchange something like this:

Q: I'm having this problem and X won't work.
A: Can you give more information?
Q: Sure, Y and Z.
A: Try foo.
Q: It still doesn't work.
A: Try bar.
Q: It still doesn't work.
Q: Never mind, I figured it out.
Me[thinking]: Well, could you clue in the rest of us who might be having that problem?

I've often gone searching teh webs looking for solutions to problems I've been having in my code at work or at play, and I rarely find an outright solution. Sometimes I find everything but the problem (Thank you MS for naming your products "Windows", "Office", and "Word", which make them completely unsearchable), more often than I'd like I find isolated, unanswered posts to various forums which say "Hi, I'm having these symptoms, or I need to do X, and I don't know how. Can anyone help?" which directly address the issues I'm facing -- if the posts had been answered.

But I also find the "I don't know how to do X" followed by an exchange, followed by "OK, I figured it out" without further explanation. It helps me only if "foo" and "bar" in the sample conversation actually work for me, but often times they don't. I'm left thinking "OK, there is a solution, but the person asking for help is unwilling to help others."

So if you are in the situation of being the questioner in such an exchange, please say what you did, even if it's "I corrected a stupid and obvious user error on my part I'd normally be too embarrassed to mention if Blaise Pascal on LJ threatened to chastise me if I didn't". At the worst, future readers will know that it isn't the case that someone out there has the solution but is hogging it, and at best, I've made the same stupid and obvious user error and now I'll check for it.