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Ironic commands...
Skitten's sleeping on the couch. I feel there's a certain amount of irony to telling her "Get up, you need to go to bed."

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Why not put a blanket on her and let her sleep on the couch?

Pffffft. Happens to me every weeknight.

I don't feel it's commonality detracts from the irony. It falls into the "Wake up, it's time for your sleeping pill" which I'm sure happens on a regular basis to night nurses but is still ironic.

(As opposed to, say, rain on your wedding day, or meeting the man of your dreams and his beautiful wife, which are just bad luck, not ironic, don't you think?)

Rain on your wedding day is very lucky in some cultures.

Meeting the man of your dreams and his beautiful wife falls in the "It Figures" form of irony, which, apparently, only I can appreciate.

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