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Which recipe is clearer?

I want to post my recipe for making coffee in my office.  After some experimentation, I've found that one scoop of whole beans makes about 2 cups of coffee.  This is after thinking that 1 scoop whole beans = 1 scoop ground beans, and 1 scoop ground beans = 1 cup coffee, and finding that everyone (but me) felt that was a bit strong.  Experimentation showed that 6 scoops whole beans = 9 scoops ground, and a bit more tweaking.  12 scoops of beans overflows the grinder's output bin and nearly overflows the grounds basket in the coffee maker.

Poll #1510646 How to make coffee in my office....

Which recipe is clearer?

n scoops whole beans, ground, 2n cups water
n cups water, n/2 scoops whole beans, ground
To make 2n cups of coffee, grind n scoops of whole beans
To make n cups of coffee, grind n/2 scoops of beans
To make 8 cups of coffee, grind 4 scoops of beans.

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Oh, I also eliminated the 2n cups of coffee choice because sometimes I feel the need to make an odd number of cups of coffee assuming n can only be whole numbers. If n can be fractional, we're okay.

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