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Looking for gamers
Anyone willing to attempt a Skype-based 4th Ed. D&D campaign with me as DM?

This weekend I headed to Binghamton to visit bloodsong1. sheherazahde had us watch The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, which all of us enjoyed, but it caused us to have a few realizations...

None of us have played any D&D in a while, bloodsong1 hasn't ever been able to play a full campaign, and none of us have ever played 4th Edition. I've been reading Wil Wheaton's description of DMing his son and son's friends though their first adventure, and I remember how much fun it was.

So yesterday the two of us ended up at Fat Cat Books and picked up a module and a copy of the Player's Handbook (they didn't have the DMG in stock). bloodsong1 now has a character (1st level helf-elf rogue). I've got the PH I/II, DMG, and MM on order from Amazon.com (34% off, better than the 10% off I could get at B&N, and besides the B&N in Vestal didn't have them in stock) and we are trying to figure out a way to play.

She (and her gaming husband Wolf) live in Binghamton; I live in Ithaca. There's no way we can meet physically on a regular basis, so we are going to try to do this via Skype or other video-conferencing method.

But we are shy of players. Bloodsong and Wolf are two, but that's not really enough. Ideally, I'd like 4 players. 2 characters is too small of a beginning party, and I've had bad luck in the past with players playing more than one character at a time and with the DM playing a player character. So I want two more players.

I've emailed kinnerc a direct invite, since I've played with him before, but he hasn't responded in the 100 minutes I've given him so far. And even if he says "yes", that's just one.

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Your a woman remember....

That movie was amazing

I asked Zahde and she said "no".

I wouldn't count on Wolf at this point, either.

>...he hasn't responded in the 100 minutes I've given him so far.

I'm trying not to get the cortical implant since I'm afraid Dr. Henden would use it too much, OK?


"The horny bard does not represent us."

(Deleted comment)
I would love to have you in the game, just not as a 4th or 3rd level character yet. The first module I want to run through is aimed at 1st-3rd level, and I'm concerned that having a party of mostly 1st level characters with a 3rd or 4th level character would be slightly unbalanced.

Hmmm...when were you planning on doing this? What night of the week? I have Skype. I might be able to.

Oh...and I'm slightly familiar with 4e...I'm in a campaign with a friend that runs once a month or so.

That's fine. That might be more familiarity than Bloodsong and I.

Up for negotiation. Bloodsong is free from 20:00-24:00 most nights, as am I.


Please send me email so I know I have your correct address. I've sent some things regarding this game, but I've gotten no reply, so I don't know if I'm sending things to someplace you're looking.

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