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If I were to kill Dracula...
I'm reading the Clan of the Cats archives, and am at the point where they discuss the history of Dracula: namely that Lillith, the Queen of the Vampires and member of the Council of Three (the other two being the head werewolf and the head wizard/witch) killed Dracula in a massive tour de force during WWI, beheaded and cremated his remains, put his ashes in a silver urn and stored the urn in the vaults of the Council of Three.

Needless to say, Dracula's supporters managed to steal the urn and resurrect Dracula, for what will be disastrous results.


If I were to kill Dracula, knowing that with his remains he could be resurrected, I would not collect all his remains in one convenient place where everyone important knows where it is.

Instead, I would take his ashes and run them through a mill, pulverizing them into powder. I'd take the ashes and secretly add it to the glass furnace at a large commercial company. Given the time frame (1915) I'd probably try to find a company that's making insulators for power or telegraph lines. Meanwhile, I'd take an equivalent amount of ashy powder, chosen such that it'd react chemically badly with the reagents in the resurrection spell, and put that in the prominent silver urn with "Dracula" written on the side stored in the secure location.

That way, anyone who successfully gets past the defenses and steals the urn will get a nasty surprise when they try to resurrect Dracula. Meanwhile, his remains are scattered around the world locked into thousands of virtually impervious glass blobs.

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(Deleted comment)
Sounds like a good plan to me.

A solid plan that does not allow for clever plot devices and chances for Chelsea to be all bad-ass.

Yes, it's stupid stuff like this that the Evil Mastermind Rules were written in the first place. But it made for a good story.

There's been some suggestions that Lilith's plan required Dracula to be resurrected. We know from hints that she has her own scheme going on.

In any event I'd just file this under the where to put the Horcrux Phylactery etc. rule which comes up pretty often in fiction. Genre blindness seems to be a common problem.

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