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I have this image in my mind for a costume...
It's rather subtle, which means there are few places to wear it, but...

Me (or any other large, Scottish-looking man) in a great kilt and shirt, with a broadsword strapped to my back, face half-painted blue, carrying a ring made from rope without knots.

Got that image in your head?


The question for you is.... What is it a costume of?

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Woad warrior? Woad rage? I dunno. But I look forward to finding out!

Or Ring Around the Woad, See?

Woad of the Rings?

You're probably laughing at me, aren't you?

"Woad warrior" was closer on track, but think Scotland, not Australia, and then once you have that, take an extreme left turn.

And I'm not laughing at you; you're playing the game, having fun. If I'm laughing, it's with you.

i know this isn't right, but the first thing that popped into my head was "Irondequoit"...

Between you and Janet, you are getting close...

Who was the "woad warrior"?
What's another name for a quoit made of rope?

"half-Pict"... something?

Did the Picts carry large broadswords and wear kilts? I don't think so.

Rob Roy?
Mel Gibson?
I'm just going to smack myself when I find out what the "ring made from rope without knots" is.

It's two parts: one a great-kilted Scotsman with sword and facepaint (and the emphasis is Scotsman, not American-from-Australia-with-pre-Vatican-II-Catholic-beliefs, although the two are related), and the other the rope ring. I'm sure some of your books tell you how to make the rope rings, and the name sailors typically call them.

Well, I've spent more than an hour reading up on quoits (the game and everything else associated with it), William Wallace's history, various short articles on the Celts and Celtic knots, and sailing knots in general as well as trying to find an alternate name of a rope quoit that would be related to sailing (Wikipedia has a very long list of knots section).

Drawing a blank trying to stitch the two together into something clever. So my answer will be that your costume is one of:

Angry Celtic Sailing Riverdancer that doesn't like to play horseshoes.

Certainly a costume you can only wear in a few places.

When I search Wikipedia for the alternate name for the rope loop, it doesn't mention the nautical use of the term and only refers to textile and manufacturing versions made of metal, rubber, or plastic.

William Wallace was Scottish, not Celtic.

I blame the extreme left turn I took once I got to William Wallace that threw me off track.

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