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Just my luck...
15 years ago or so kinnerc and I headed (what was then) south from Cazenovia to Ithaca to visit friends. Whilst we were there, it started snowing, and snowing, and snowing, with a final result that our trip was extended because the roads were overwhelmed with snow. I believe in Cazenovia they got much less snow, and no one was out of work like we were.

Right now, we are in Baltimore, where last night we got hit with 18+ inches of snow and were plowed in besides. We were supposed to head back up to Ithaca today, but many folks suggested we wait a day to make sure the roads were in good shape and our car was extractible. So we're heading home tomorrow and I'm missing an extra day of work besides.

In Ithaca: 1" of snow, barely more than a dusting, and well-clear roads besides.

So I guess I head south for blizzards?

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Oh, no, hon. They got as much snow in Cazenovia. Remember, my college was closed down and I called Randy and asked, "What do I do?" and he said, "Ummm, not come to work."

Remember three days later when we got back we couldn't park in our driveway because there was 1.5m of snow in it. And we found parking space just down the street next to this huge snow drift...which turned out to be a completely buried car which we discovered when I opened the door and banged on it.

Wow! We made that journey to pick up Alexander 15.5 years ago! :-)

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