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What does the "Jesus Only Apostolic Church of God" believe?
There's a storefront church in Ithaca prominently labeled the "Jesus Only Apostolic Church of God". I have wondered for a while exactly what theology they were advertising with that name.

I think I've figured it out, and think they are some form of Oneness Pentacostal.

Anyone have any other ideas?

While talking to a friend today about what we thought that church name signified, we got talking about Apostolic Succession. After a bit of initial confusion (where the ideas of the Petrine Doctrine were muddled in the mix) I mentioned that the RCC recognizes the apostolic succession of clergy in schizms from RC -- specifically that Rome recognizes Anglican ordinations and thus makes it relatively easy for Anglican bishops and priests who convert to Catholicism to take up parishes and diocese without retaking the sacrament of Holy Orders. I also mentioned that the RCC makes a distinction between having the ability to successfully administer Holy Orders (which a schizmatic bishop can do), and therefor being able to create priests and bishops who can perform transubstantiation and other things only bishops and priests can do, and having the authority to do so. A priest ordained by a schizmatic bishop can convert bread and wine into body and blood, but isn't supposed to.

There are specific terms used in Roman Catholicism to refer to these two states. I know one is "valid" -- an Anglican Ordination is considered "valid" by Rome -- but I can't remember the other term, referring to having the authority. Can anyone help me?