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The Anti-Vaccination folks don't need to waste their time on me...
...my Dr's office is doing enough without them.

When I saw my Doctor in September, I asked him about a flu shot. He said it was a good idea, and suggested I make an appointment to get one. I did, for the same time I was coming in for fasting blood work, later that week.

The office called to reschedule, for mid-October.
In mid-October, the office called to reschedule, for mid-November.
Just now, the office called to reschedule, for late December (solstice, actually).

If I get the flu before getting the vaccine, do I get any compensation?

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My guess is that they're out of vaccination. NIH went through 12,000 seasonal doses just for hospital staff alone and they had to cancel the free shot program a month into it.

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