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A trip to MD and VA in Dec.
skitten and I are planning a trip to MD (the Baltimore area) and VA (Richmond area) from 11 December to 20 December.

Our plans currently are to drive south on 11 December and crash at Mad Mike's the night of the 11-13th, head to Richmond the evening of the 14th, visit gordon92151 until the 16th, drive back up to Mike's and stay there until the 20th, when we would drive home to Ithaca.

There are a lot of people we'd like to see while we're in the area, which I'm not going to try to list for fear of leaving someone out. Suffice to say that if we've discoursed with civility in the past and are around, I'd probably like to meet up with you.

Unfortunately, I don't know people's schedules, or were people are, or the best way to meet up with everyone. Logistics are a pain when working 5 hours away with limited information.

I am asking for help. Does anyone who lives in the MD/VA area have any ideas that might go into a reasonable itinerary?