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One liners...
I now have a Google Wave account. Does anyone have an idea what it's good for?

My observation is that Reggae music in general and Reggae covers of Pink Floyd specifically are not conducive to a productive work environment. I just slouch back, feel my mind go fuzzy, and chill to the beat.

I dined at WildFire, the new restaurant in Ithaca replacing Lost Dog. 'Twas good, caused me to take home my main course, fuller review upon request.

Everyone says "Get a flu shot! get a flu shot!" My doctor's office has said (twice) "We need to reschedule your flu shot, can you come in 3 weeks later?". I hope I get the shot before the flu.

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I'd love to hear more about WildFire. Always like to know what I can recommend to vegetarians.

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