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Back in July I got another Dreamwidth invite code. It's been sitting in my inbox since. Anyone want it?

  • 1 is a fork of LiveJournal founded by some former LJ developers who were (a) not happy with the direction (or lack of direction) that LJ was going technically, and were (b) not happy with some of the policy decisions LJ has made (regarding privacy, conflict/dispute resolution, etc).

It is technically very similar to LJ, but it does do some things differently. For one thing, it makes a distinction between those whom you choose to read and those whom you choose to let read your non-private stuff (both of which are "Friends" in LJ), and it avoids the "friends" terminology (rather you "subscribe" to people's journal and "grant access" to your own).

It also "plays well with others" in the sense that it readily does OpenID, allows people to log in via OpenID and allows people to allow access to folks logged in via OpenID (so I could let you, logged in as, to read my (nonexistant) protected journal posts on Dreamwidth). It has tools to make it easy to automagically cross-post, so that you can post to Dreamwidth and things will show up on LJ, etc.

Most of the folks I know who've raised hay about switching to Dreamwidth do so because of concerns about the future policies of LJ. I personally see the policies (and future policies) of LJ basically being caused mainly by the size of LJ and are somewhat endemic to any organization trying to deal with so many users. Despite Dreamwidth's best intentions, I expect similar policies (and similar occasional blunders and mistakes) to exist on Dreamwidth if Dreamwidth grows to anywhere near the size of LJ.

But in reality, I don't expect Dreamwidth to get nearly as large. LJ has huge network benefits caused by the large numbers of users. And since nearly (if not all) every posting on my Dreamwidth "Reading Page" was also crossposted to my LJ "Friends Page", there's no compelling reason I can see to switch to Dreamwidth.

I answered her, so you can read it there.

if for some reason more than one person asks you, i have more invite codes on my 'other other' journal. (which you might want to have access to, if you don't already.)

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