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(no subject)
A quick scan of the websites for Lowes', Best Buy, Sears, and Home Despot show that the apparent going rate for a new low-end laundry washer is about $300, presumably plus tax and installation.

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Installation is trivial and not worth paying for. *Delivery*, on the other hand...

when my husband and i moved from our former house to this one, it had hookups for a washer and dryer, but no actual appliances. we found a relatively new, good-condition set of both on craigslist - for $50.00 (for the pair!). Alex used his van to transport them here, then he and his dad lugged them up the stairs with much perspiration and profanity. hooking up the water and gas yourself isn't difficult.

Best Buy has frequent "sales" with free (usually "free after rebate") delivery and installation, or very inexpensive installation. Take advantage of these. Hooking up a washer isn't something you're incapable of, but the water and drain hookups are worth getting right. :-)

off the lowes site I can recommend the rohrer brands.

They have served us well for "cheap" appliances.

If you don't want fancy, you could do a LOT worse. They also came recommended from Consumer reports.

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