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Odd wishlist item...
I want one of these. I've wanted the basic idea for a while for aerating our compost/food-waste-bin, but thought I'd have to make it somehow. Then I saw the Amazing Auger the other day on telly, and realized it was exactly what I had in mind. A quick google search to see what people thought of it, well, sent me back to the drawing board. Somehow, I found the Yard Butler on Amazon, read the reviews, and came across three major differences between it and the Amazing Auger: (1) It's not a piece of crap, (2) it's less expensive, especially figuring in S&P fees, (3) I think the longer auger blade will do a better job, and (4) it's not a piece of crap.

I get paid on Friday, I'll probably order it then.

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cement company used ones they wear out for digging but still good for you

The major problem is that most cordless drills aren't powerful enough to make the thing useful. And dragging a powercord behind you while trying to do yard work is a pain.

As I said, the main reason I want it is to aerate and chop up my compost heap. Theoretically, that should be relatively easy on the thing.

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