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Looking for podcasts.
I've managed to get completely caught up on my backlogged podcasts (well, I have 1 hour remaining, a This American Life, a 60-Second Science, and an NPR News Summary, but practically caught up). This will not do. It means I'll have nothing to listen to over the weekend.

I'm looking for suggestions.

My preference is for relatively short (less than the length of a walk to work, or about 15min max) and based on science, technology, news, or trivia.

Examples of existing podcasts are Ben Goldacre's Bad Science; BrainStuff and Stuff You Missed In History Class by HowStuffWorks.com; Randy Cohen's Ethicist; Skeptic's Guide To The Universe and Skeptic's Guide 5X5 by the New England Skeptical Society; Stephen Fry's PODGRAM; More Or Less: Behind the Stats from the BBC; News Summary Podcast, Car Talk, On Science, Planet Money, Story of the Day, Sunday Puzzle, and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! all from NPR; This American Life from PRI; Radio Lab from WCNY; and 60-Second Psych and 60-Second Science from Scientific American.