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Blood draw today.
This morning I'm going in for a fasting blood draw. Which means I can't eat until probably close to 9ish. Of course, skitten and I usually eat breakfast together, and this is a routine she doesn't like to break. So, today she wants me, as hungry as I am, to watch her eat breakfast before I leave for the doctors.

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due to my long list of food allergies, there are an awful lot of things i can't eat, some of which can make me ill from the smell, or even from absorbing them through my skin (e.g., chopping onions). however, it's not fair for me to limit what i cook for others to the short list of what i can eat. so i've cooked thousands of meals that i couldn't eat, for my husband, and for Alex before he moved out, and for guests. naturally, by the time i'm done preparing and serving everyone else's meal, i don't want to be bothered cooking an entirely separate meal for myself... so i watch everyone else eat.

Tell her you'll do it if she makes food for you when you get back.

It was not apparent that I'd have time to come home and eat after the blood draw.

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