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iPhone OS 3.0
A few things I've noticed so far that I haven't seen listed as improvements on any site yet...

1. Better support for smart playlists. I'm assuming it's a smart playlist feature: I have a smart playlist which is basically "All podcasts I haven't played yet, from newest to oldest". Before today, if I stopped listening to that playlist and went and played something else, I'd lose where I was in that play list, and might end up having to search for the last thing I listened to. The playlist would only be updated when I synced my phone. Now, the playlist updates by removing things I've listened to. I'm assuming this is because of the playlist definition.

2. New iPod controls. When listening to a podcast, there are now three new controls. I can now send an email with a link to the podcast to folks, suggesting they listen to it; I can jump back 30 seconds; and I can change the playback speed (between half, full, and double speed), which doesn't change the pitch of the speech, but does change the pace.

I'm wondering what other little surprises and improvements are in store.